Exporter of Australian natives cut flowers worldwide

Experience Flowers expertise is consignment to the Japanese auctions. We act as an agent, a marketer, an export facilitator, an information provider for many growers around the country.

We advise growers on what flowers to grow and which flowers have potential. By shipping all year round we stay on the pulse of the Japanese market and are able to advise our growers how to react to market changes quickly.

Every year there is always something new; new demands, new market conditions, new pack-outs, new carton sizes etc. We see our role as your guide to help you adapt to these dynamic market changes by giving the most accurate, realistic, efficient and up to date information.

What growers must do

Growers must supply export graded product, treated suitable for the Japanese market and professionally packed. We do not offer packing, fumigation services but we can advise who does.


Transport, Inspections and Exporting

Grower have to deliver the product to Experience Flowers warehouse or nominated Freight Forwarder. A packing list of the shipment will be forwarded to Experience Flowers prior to dispatching the product from the farm.

Experience Flowers will organise all paperwork, inspections, transport etc. deemed necessary for sending the product into the Auction. All cost incurred will be deducted from the Auction Returns.

Experience Flowers will deduct an Export Service Commission after all cost deducted. The final sales report will indicate all costs in Australia and Japan.


Reporting and payment

Experience Flowers supply a Final Sales Report within 7 days of the Auction Sale by fax or email. The amount stated on the Final Sales Report will be transferred into the grower’s account. Payment will be done twice monthly. Flowers Auctioned between the 1st and the 15th are paid on the 30th and 16-30th paid on the 15th of the following month.


GST and Legal Title

Ownership of the flowers and legal title will remain with the grower at all times. Flowers are shipped on a consignment basis therefore the grower is the exporter. Experience Flowers Pty.Ltd. is an  Export Consignment Service provider. No GST will be charged by Experience Flowers Pty Ltd for its export service because there is no transfer of ownership.