Exporter of Australian natives cut flowers worldwide


Why choose Experience Flowers for consignment

    Because you need experience to:
  • ship large volume for large and small growers;
  • understand Japanese Culture and festivals to respond to market demand;
  • prepare for special events, plan logistics and send appropriate flowers.
  • decide where and when to send flowers to obtain  the optimal return;
  • choose the right airline, port, agent & freight forwarder;
  • cope with large volumes of flowers and information;
  • suggest new ways to improve your returns;

Philippe Lescuyer has 20 years of experience in consigning flowers to the  Japanese auctions and advising growers Australia wide.

 We have low overheads which enable us to share profit with growers.

 Our commission is based on volume shipped and market conditions.

Exporting successfully on consignment is not as easy as it seems.
Some growers know a lot already about export and are successful, but you need time to market your flowers and be up to date with the market.

Our service is to help you achieve this.

Do your homework!

Find out what flowers, family of flowers grows best in your region.

Analyse your market. Why I am getting good prices? Because of my quality? Small volume?What happened if I send more?  Does my flowers are more outstanding compare with other state? Can you differentiate bad quality easily? Are you growing fillers or feature? For which market? Is your flower world class? Does it looks as outstanding when the consumers gets it?

Think about the consumer. Think about yield also. Some varieties have been developed for niche market, some for retail nurseries an therefore never produces any length . Some flowers are labour intensive and controlling the harvest is hard.

In the end innovations will come from small growers and large growers will allow us to meet the demand. It is important to know that this flower you are intending to grow can be sold in many markets. If it can be sold in many markets then  there is less risk in expanding.

The world is a smaller global flower market but it is dynamic and every year we have to adapt to new situations new threats and opportunity.

For the moment let's grow hope that we can work together and that every grower find their niche, their competitive advantage so that more and more people experience Australian flowers.